Lecture: "How Blockchain is reshaping the art and creativity industry" (NFT'S AND KUNST)

20,00 €

description: Lawrence Landeloos, EY VODW and EY Belgium Consulting
An inspiring journey through the evolution of the Internet, its growing impact on the creative sector, and how artists are reinventing themselves using blockchain technology.
Lawrence is a creative entrepreneur dedicated to bringing new ideas to life, connecting people, and delivering enjoyable experiences. He is the founder and CEO of Onegrid, a platform that enables artists to create closer and more engaging fan experiences with to goal to reimagine how creative work can be funded, owned, and consumed. Lawrence is an active member of several DAOs, including CPG, Rug Radio, and Shiny. Prior to Onegrid, he was an equity partner at the strategy and innovation firm VODW, which EY acquired in 2019.
address: in Antwerp, will be communicated after registration.
date: Thursday, April 27, 2023, from 7.30 pm